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The 21st Century:  The Decline of Nation-States
During the 21st Century, many of the technological, economic  and military differences that had separated the many nations began to evaporate.  Advanced computer technology and weapons of mass destruction were available to nearly all countries and, corporations, and occasionally private individuals with their own agenda.  The classic power structures foundered and though many prospered, tensions began to rise.

The Human species  itself was also undergoing radical changes.  With the advent of genetic engineering and cybernetics, citizens sought to enhance their natural, physical attributes.  An increasing number began to show signs of physical and mental mutations, that included unexpected psychic powers. 

By the 23rd Century, overpopulation and its myriad of problems--starvation, disease, war--reach epidemic proporations in every nation.  Political and religious factions began to fightopenly, challenging established governments at every turn.  Brutality was met with brutality, and the cycle of violence escalated into a chaos Humanity had never before endured.

The United Power League:  Earth’s new order in the 23rd Century 
Out of the ashes of the old United Nations, the United Powers League rose to fill the vacuum of authority, controlling most of the Earth. It employed fascist tactics of brutal police power, limited freedoms, and toothless public recourse. 

The UPL viewed many of the scientific and biological advances of the previous centuries with contempt and distrust. They zealously sought to outlaw cybernetics, genetic engineering, and to rigorously control any who showed signs of psychic ability.  A new Inquisition arose, in which UPL Inquisitors scoured the planet, wiping out “degenerate” dissidents of all stripes: including mutants, scientists, political dissenters, cyborgs and various religious leaders.  By the end, nearly 400 million people were killed or otherwise “controled” by the new order.

Meanwhile, the UPL rigorously pursued “acceptable” scientific endeavors in robotics, weapons technology, and space travel.  Strives in cryogenic freezing and faster-than-light engines (warp/hyperspace drives) released the Humans from the confines of their solar system.  By the end of the 23rd century, Human colonies existed throughout Earth’s sector.  Still, Earth’s leaders sought to expand Terran influence to new star systems.

Rather than risk “quality” Human lives on a risky exploration, the IPL selected 40,000 prisoners, rounded up during the Purification, to be placed into cryogenic starships and hurtled off towards the planet Gantris VI.  If these exiles managed to survive the journey, they would gain their freedom by establishing new colonies for Earth and mining the planet’s resorces.

During the year-long trip, the Exile ships were to be watched over by the super-computer ATLAS (“Artificial Tele-empathic Logistics Analysis System”) which spent the long journey reviewing the genetic code of the sleeping crews.  ATLAS discovered that nearly 1% of the prisoners had the genetic material required to access powerful psionic abilities.

Something went wrong during the journey and ATLAS sent offline. Unguided, the Exile ships hurtled through space at warp speed for nearly 30 years.  Finally, the ships’ engines melted down, and the ships’ computers guided them to nearest hospitable worlds.

Two of the carriers, the Reagan and the Sarengo, crash-landed on the planet that would later be called Umoja.  Only the Reagan actually managed to touch down without killing its passengers.  The exiles were woken from their long sleep, without any idea of how long their journey had been nor where they had managed to land.

On the nearby world of Moria, the Argo managed to control its descent and safely deliver its passengers to the surface.  Yet, these survivors also lacked any knowledge of where they were or how long they had travelled, and had no way to contact their sister ships. 

Finally, the ship Nagglfar crashed upon the world Tarsonis. Its computer systems remained intact enough to permit the exiles to learn about how long they had journeyed.  Yet, they had no hope of contact Earth or evey returning.

The Rise of the Confederacy
The exiles, now colonists, stripped their starships for raw materials and set about establishing independent societies upon each world. With a few generations, the three colonies had established contact with one another, created advanced cities, and were producing starships capable of sublight speeds. 

Tarsonis was the most advanced and dominant of the three and it used this power to establish new colonies throughout the system.  Soon, it formed the Terran Confederacy, with its capitol on Tarsonis.  It’s expansive powers made it the unchallenged authority in this region of space, now called the Korpulu Sector

To protect itself from the increasingly aggressive Confederate military, Moria organized its mining colonies into the Kel-Morian Combine. This corporate, extra-legal entity secretly challenged Confederate power and eventually engaged in the Guild Wars.  After four years of pitched battles, the two sides reached an uneasy peace, that was almost certainly an affirmation of Confederate superiority.

Fearing a similar fate, the planet Umojan organized its colonies into a Protectorate.  Though small, the Protectorate managed to keep Confederate domination at bay.

The Rise of Rebellion:  Korhal’s Legacy
Finally, the Confederacy’s iron-handed tactics began to backlash. Korhal, one of the Confederacy’s core worlds, began to agitate for greate freedoms.  Riots broke out and the citizenry were subjected to harsh military rule.  Led by a chararismatic senator, Angus Mengsk, the Korhalians rose up in rebellion and captured most of the Confederate bases on the planet.  Finally, when victory seemed to belong to the rebels, the Confederacy sent in elite assassins to slay Mengsk and his family.

Mengsk’s assassins, however, left one member of the family alive. Arcturus Mengsk, Angus’ estranged son, had been a prospector on the Rim for years. While he had no taste for politics, the assassination of his father turned him into a rebel leader.  He rallied new forces to him and, perhaps, formed a secret alliance with the Umojan Protectorate to challenge the Confederacy.

Panicked, the Confederacy attempted to wipe out the rebellion in one last stroke.  It unleased a salvo of nuclear weapons on Korhal, killing over 4 million in the first attack alone.  The remnants of Korhal’s citizens and their supporters, managed to band together and form the Sons of Korhol.  Under Mengsk’s leadership, they continue to pose the most significant challenge to the Confederacy’s power.

The Arrival of the Zerg and the Protoss
Beseiged by rebels, upstart Guilds, and rogue pirate militias, the Confederacy already had its hands full when the Protoss warships appeared and vaporized the colony on Chau Sara.  Ignorant of the Protos’ true purpose--to wipe out the Zerg infestation before it spread to more Terran and Protoss worlds--the Terrans rallied and fought back.  Though hardly damaged, the Protoss withdrew.

Soon, Confederate forces encountered the Zerg race.  Faced with this unimaginable nightmare, the Terran colonies race for their lives, to produce adequate weapons and armies to hold off these alien invasions.

After the Battle of Aiur (Brood War Era)
During the war with the Zerg and Protoss, the Confederacy was sufficiently weakened for Arcturus Mengsk to land his killing blow.  Destroying the Confederate power structure, Mengsk formed the Terran Dominion, over which he served as Emperor.

Across the galaxy, the UPL watched with interest.  It had observed the fate and history of its Exile experiment since the beginning.  With the arrival of the Protoss and Zeg, the UPL’s reactionary leaders pressed for even stricter military rule.

Reforming as the United Earth Directorate, Earth’s leaders sent a massive armada of warships to cleanse the Korpulu Sector of all alien life--Zerg and Protoss--and to bring the wayward colonies directly under Earth’s control. 


The Confederacy
The Confederacy is formed by nearly a dozen planets in the Koprulu Sector and is by far the dominant power in the region.  The core Confederate worlds are Tarsonis (the capital), Tyrador IX, Brontes, Chau Sara, and Dylar IV.  Confederate money and power is centered on these worlds, while out on the Rim, small outposts often go without adequate food, education and defense.  Rim-dwellers are often seen as backwards and, by some, seditious.

The Confederate military is well armed and extremely aggressive.  The infantry is composed primarily of ex-convicts and quasi-psychotics who have undergone Neural Resocialization to turn them into zealously loyal guardians of the Confederacy.

The most well-known military units are listed below:

Omega Squadron (“The Death’s Head Legion”)
Commander: Lt. Cmdr. Gregory Reikson
Designation: Heavy Assault Squadron
Base of Operations: Dylar IV
Squadron Color: Black
Omega Squadron, as it name suggests, is associated with finality in any battle into which it enters.  Its troops fight with a zeal that borders on religious madness, savagely cutting through opposition.  The Death’s Head Legion reputation is so well-known that rebel elements have been known to surrender at the mere threat of the Legion’s deployment.

Nova Squadron
Commander: Col. Jackson Hauler
Designation: Black Ops/Espionage
Base of Operations: Mobile
Squadron: Purple
     Nova Squadron stands apart from all other military units because of its role in policing the Confederacy for all forms of corruption. Its agents have infiltrated every other military, governmental, religious, and commercial organization.  Col. Hauler has managed to hold on to his position despite various attempts to remove him (both political movements and attempted assasinations).  He is perhaps one of the few honest leaders the within the upper echelons of the Confederate political body, but he is not above using his various agents in black operations and other extra-legal tactics.

Alpha Squadron (“The Blood Hawks”)
Commander: Gen. Edmund Duke
Designation: Advanced Tactical Strike Squadron
Base of Operations: Chau Sara
Squadron Color: White
     Alpha Squadron is composed of the best and brightest of the Confederate military.  It hand picks every trooper, technician, and pilot from other squadrons, often recruiting civilians into its ranks.  Its forces are the best-armed, best-trained, best-supported in the Confederacy.  And its supremacy shows on the battlefield: the Blood Hawks have the highest kill to casualty ration in the Confederate Armed Forces.

The Independent Factions: Rebel & Pirate Militias
Along the borders of the Confederacy, various independent groups operate contrary to the Confederate authority.  Some of these groups are nothing better than pirate gangs, ravaging outpost colonies, hijacking cargo ships, and feeding black market economies throughout the Sector. Others are legitimate Trader Guilds who seek to operate outside the confines of Confederate regulation.  Finally, there are numerous rebel elements springing up within the Confederacy and along the Rim.

The Sons of Korhal
Commander: Acturus Mengsk
Designation: Renegade Activist Coalition
Base of Operations: Mobile
Militia Color: Red
     The Confederate nuclear strike on Korhal only served to solidify the resolve of the rebel elements there.  Led by the increasingly vindictive Arcturus Mengsk, the Sons of Korhal continue to strike at Confederate posts throughout the Sector.  Their popularity also continues to increase with each new victory.  Though they are a rag-tag group, the Son of Korhal have come to represent the one chance for freedom in the Koprulu Sector.  But Mengsk’s methods can be unpredictable and harsh, and his own ambitions may be as great as the Confederacy’s.

The Umojan Protectorate
Commander: Minister Jorgensen
Designation: Neutral Protectorate
Base of Operations: Umoja
Militia Color: Aqua
      The Umajoran citizens take fierce pride in their independence from Confederate control.  Indeed, they see their society as the Sector’s most advanced. In many ways they are right--Umajorans enjoy the highest standard of living in the Sector thanks to a wealth of natural resources and prudent planning.  Their armed forces are primarily designed for system of their small region of space along the Confederate Rim and thus far they have been unscathed by alien invasion.  The Minister is a wise and politically-saavy woman who will use Machiavellian techniques to protect her people when necessary.  Jorgensen seeks to form a treaty with the Protoss, believing the aliens can lead humanity into the next phase of its development.

The Kel-Morian Combine
Commander:  Gen Mah Sakai
Designation:  Mining Coalition/Renegade Pirate Group
Base of Operations: Moria
Militia Color: Green
     Formed by the Kelanis Guild and the Morian Mining Company, the Combine has amassed adequate power to give Confederate expansionists pause.  The Combine is the most efficient mining operation in the Sector, capable of draining whole planets of their resources in a matter of weeks.  The Combine has treatiest with nearly every power in the Sector, supplying each with at least some of the resources necessary to fuel their growing economies and armed forces. Indeed, the Confederacy has become so reliant on the Combine that it has signed a treaty agreeing to never prosecute the Combine for criminal activity within its borders.
     The Combine matches its economic powers with a broad military force.  It maintains corporate-marshall law on many of its colonies and strictly limits personal freedoms.  At the same time, many of its outposts are essentially lawless places, where any service, good, or even person may be bought.


Artcurus Mengsk
Former Prospector / Rebel Leader
Emperor of the Terran Dominion (Brood War Era)
Species: Terran
Sex: Male
Age: 38
DEX: 2D  Brawling 5D; Firearms 6D; Dodge 5D; Pilot Starship 4D+2; Starship Gunnery 5D; Tank Ops 5D; Vehicle Weapons 4D
CON: 3D  Endurance 4D; Resistance 4D
KNO: 4D  Tactics 8D; Education 5D; Value 7D;  Survival 5D; Demolitions 5D; Bureaucracy 8D; Business 8D; 
INS: 3D  Search 5D; Profile 6D; Stealth 4D
PRE: 4D  Command 9D; Intimidate 7D; Con 6D; Persuade 7D; Interogate 7D; Bargain 8D.
     Once a successful Prospector, Arcturus has grown to be the Confederacy’s greatest enemy.  After Confederate forces assassinted his father and unleashed a nuclear holocaust down upon Korhal IV, Arcturus formed the Sons of Korhal, a militant terrorist wing that seeks to bring down the Confederacy.  With his popularity growing and the strained Confederacy under fresh assaults from alien invaders, Arcturus sees his chance to crush the Confederacy and usher in a new era--hopefully under his watchful rule.

Jim Raynor
Formal Colonial Marshal / Current Commander of the Sons of Korhal
Species: Terran
Sex: Male
Age: 29
STR:  3D+1
DEX:  3D+1  Brawling 6D; Firearms 7D+2; Dodge 7D; Running 6D; Pilot Hovervehicle 8D; Vehicle Weapons 7D; Pilot Starship 6D; Starship Gunnery 5D
CON:  3D  Endurance 5D; Resistance 4D
KNO:  2D+1  Tactics-Small Units 7D+2; Survival 7D
INS:  3D  Search 6D; Stealth 5D+2
PRE:  3D  Command 6D+1; Con 5D+2; Persuade 5D; Interrogate 4D; Bargain 5D
     After years of loyally serving the Confederacy as a police marshal, Raynor abandoned it in the face of growing corruption, brutality and disregard for citizens.  Joining the Sons of Korhal, he has quickly risen to become one of its primary field leaders, often advising Mengsk.  Raynor’s influence may have grown, but he retains a close bond with the troops under him and clear moral vision for the ultimate goals of the rebellion.  If Mengsk were to abandon those goals, it is unclear whether he would still garner Raynor’s support.

Sarah Kerrigan
Former Confederate Ghost Assassin / 2nd in Command of the Sons of Korhal
Species: Terran
Sex: Female
Age: 26
Atributes (As of the Battle of New Gettysburg)
STR: 2D+1
DEX: 4D  Martial Arts 6D; Melee Weapons: 7D; Dodge 7D; Firearms 6D+2; Pilot Starship 5D; Starship Gunnery 4D+2; Pilot Hovercraft 5D; Vehicle Weapons 5D+1; Tank Ops 4D+2
CON: 2D+2  Endurance 5D; Resistance 5D; Swimming 4D+2; Willpower 6D
KNO: 3D  Tactics 6D; Survival 5D+2; Streetwise 5D; Bureaucracy 4D; Alien Species 4D+2; Sensors 5D; Sensors: Nuclear Targeting 8D; Communications 6D; Weapons Tech 4D.
INS: 3D  Search 7D; Stealth 8D; Profile 5D
PRE: 3D  Command 5D; Con 5D; Persuade 6D
PSI: 1D (Neural Inhibitor in place)  Concentration 4D (learned).  Cloak 8D (HES Cloaking Device), Lockdown 8D (Cannister Rifle w/Lockdown Rounds), Enhance Physical Attribute 5D (HES suit); Enhance Mental Attribute 4D (HES suit).
Atributes (As the Zerg Empress at the Battle of Aiur)
DEX: 9D  Martial Arts 10D; Dodge 10D
CON: 8D  Resistance 9D; Endurance 9D; Willpower 10D
KNO: 8D  Tactics 9D; Alien Species 10D; Languages 9D; Science: Genetics 12D; Psionic Research 10D
INS:  7D  Search 10D; Stealth 9D; Profile 8D
PRE: 7D  Command 10D; Intimidate 9D
PSI:   8D (Neural Inhibitor removed)  Concentration 9D; Lockdown (organic) 10D; Cloaking (organic) 10D; Telepathy 12D; Mind Control 9D; Telekinesis 10D; Shield 9D.  Kerrigan likely has many other mental powers but they are rarely used because she usually commands her Swarm in battle rather than directly engage the enemy herself.
     At the Battle of New Gettysburg, Arcturus Mengsk abandoned Kerrigan and her fall to the Zerg. But recognizing the powerful psionic potential in this Terran, the Overmind captured her and began to manipulate her DNA.  Kerrigan’s body and mind was transformed in a Zerg Chyrsalis and she was “reborn” as a new Zerg strain: Modified Terran Psionic.  Kerrigan was released from the Neural Inhibitor and her psionic powers grew immense.
     When the Overmind was slain, Kerrigan assumed control over most of the Zerg swarm. However, it remains unclear whether the Cerebrates will accept this new “queen” and Kerrigan’s dominion over the Zerg forces is far from complete.
     As a Zerg, Kerrigan’s humanity appears to have been almost entirely erased.  She will assimilate other humans if given the chance, and her hatred for the Protoss is equally strong.  But some part of her human self may remain and that small hope may be key to ending the wars.

Edmund Duke
Former Confederate General / General in the Sons of Korhal / Chief Secretary of the Armed Forces for the Terran Dominion
Species: Terran
Sex: Male
Age: 53
STR: 2D  Brawling 6D
DEX:  2D  Firearms 7D; Pilot Starship 7D; Tank Ops 8D; Starship Gunnery 7D; Vehicle Weapons 7D; Dodge 5D; Drive 7D
CON:  4D  Resistance 5D; Endurance 6D; Willpower 7D
KNO:  2D  Tactics 8D; Bureaucracy-Confederate 7D; Survival 6D; Sensors 5D; Communications 5D; Education 3D; Alien Species 4D
INS:  4D  Search 6D; Profile 5D
PRE:  4D  Command 9D; Intimidate 6D; Persuade 5D
     As leader of the reknowned Alpha Squadron, Duke has enjoyed some celebrity among the Confederacy for his military victories.  Seens as a plain-spoken man of the people, Duke was highly valued by the Confederate hierarchy, but also feared as a potential rival for power.  Duke’s overbearing ego and ruthless tactics made him a likely candidate for political office.
     After a Zerg surprise attack on Alpha Squadron, Duke’s flagship Norad II crashlanded on a planet controlled by the Swarm.  The Confederates accepted the loss and made no rescue attempt.  Seeing an opportunity, Mengsk mounted a rescue operation and saved the remaining colonists and Duke.  Subsequently, Duke joined Mengsk’s rebellion force and has quickly become one of his staunchest allies.

Brood War Era Heroes
During the Brood Wars, all of the above heroes remain in play.  Mengsk has risen to the throne of Emperor; Raynor remains a rebel outlaw, only now he opposes Mengsk; Duke serves as Mengsk’s chief military counsel; and Kerrigan has been infected by the Zerg. 

New Terran players also enter the scene.  Sent by the UED, these military officers will play vital roles in the fate of humanity.

Gerard Dugalle
Admiral of the UED Expeditionary Force
Species: Terran
Sex: Male
Age: 64
STR:  2D
DEX:  2D  Firearms 5D; Dodge 4D; Melee Weapons--Sword 7D; Pilot Starship 5D; Starship Gunnery 4D; Drive 4D.
CON:  3D  Willpower 8D; Resistance 4D; Endurance 5D
KNO:  3D+1  Tactics 9D; Tactics-Fleet Combat 10D; Bureaucracy 8D; Education 5D
INS:  3D+2  Search 5D
PRE:  4D  Command 8D+2
    As the greatest living Terran military mind, Dugalle was the first choice to head the the Expeditionary Force to the Koprulu Sector.  He is under orders to use a psi-emitter to take control of the leaderless Zerg swarms and use them against any Protoss that remain in the Sector.  Once that is accomplished, he is to bring Mengsk and the Sector back under Earth’s control.
     Though a consumate soldier and extremely loyal, Dugalle has some hesitancy about using the Zerg as a weapon.  He would rather win a victory by straightforward military tactics than loose the unpredictable beasts upon an honorable enemy.

Alexei Stukov
Vice-Admiral of the UED Expeditionary Force
Species:  Terran
Sex: Male
Age: 52
DEX:  2D  Martial Arts 5D; Firearms 7D; Dodge 4D; Pilot Starship 6D; Starship Gunnery 6D; Drive 5D; Tank Ops 7D; Vehicle Weapons 6D
CON:  3D  Resistance 5D; Endurance 5D; Willpower 7D
KNO:  4D  Tactics 7D; Science 7D; Weapons Tech 9D; Electronics 8D; Mechanics 8D; Sensors 7D+2; Communications 7D+2; Education 6D; Construction 5D
INS:  4D  Search 5D; Profile 5D
PRE:  3D  Command 7D
     With a keen, but unconventional, tactical and scientific mind, Stukov sometimes seems an unlikely match for Dugalle.  Yet the two have known each other for decades and share a close and trusting friendship.  Stukov has gained reknown more for his development of new weapons technologies than as a battlefield commander, yet he has no lack of experience in combat.  Some of the UED’s more conservative elements distrust Stukov’s creativity and unconventional tactics, but his selection as Vice-Admiral was cemented upon Dugalle’s endorsement.

Samir Duran
Former Confederate Operative / Rebel Leader / Advisor to the UED Forces
Species:  Terran
Sex:  Male
Age:  33
DEX:  4D  Martial Arts 6D; Firearms 6D; Dodge 6D; Pilot Starship 6D; Starship Gunnery 6D; Tank Ops 5D+2; Vehicle Weapons 5D+2;  Drive 5D; Heavy Weapons 7D; Melee Weapons 6D; Throwing 5D
CON:  3D+2  Endurance 5D; Resistance 4D+1; Willpower 5D
KNO:  2D  Tactics 6D; Survival 5D; Demolitions 6D; Education 3D
INS: 2D+2  Search 5D+2; Stealth 6D
PRE:  3D  Command 7D; Con 5D; Persuade 5D; Intimidate 5D+2
PSI:  0D
     As part of Alpha Squadron, Duran claims to have served for years under Gen. Duke.  But, as Mengsk grabbed power and began his iron rule, Duran and a few like-minded elite soldiers banded together to form a small terrorist cell.  Duran hopes to sufficiently destabilize Mengsk’s control to bring down the Terran Dominion.  With the arrival of the UED, Duran has begun to serve as an advisor to the Earth forces.  However, Duran’s true origins and loyalties remain in question.

Clever and resiliant, the Terrans have managed to colonize a large number of worlds in the face of harsh conditions, meager resources and hostile aliens.  While neither as technologically advanced as the Protoss nor as genetically gifted as the Zerg, Terrans make do with a mix of ingenius technology and biological adaptability.  It appears that this "young" species has a firm foothold in the sector, though how long that lasts is anyone's guess...

Civilian Colonist
STR= 2D:  Brawling 3D
DEX= 2D:  Firearms 3D; Drive Ground Vehicle 3D
CON= 2D:  Endurance 3D.
KNO= 2D: Jury-Rig 3D; Job: Farming or Mining 3D
INS= 2D:  Surival 3D
     The Terran colonists are a hardy breed of individualists, scratching out a living on desolate worlds, half-forgotten outposts, and dilapidated mining stations.  The tend to be wary of outsiders, especially any of an alien variety.  Many think of the colonists as backwards, uneducated and crude.  But the majority of colonists have neither the time nor temperament for polite niceties and their able minds are bent towards day-to-day survival rather than trivial entertainments and petty gossip.
     Of late, the colonists have been dividing themselves more and more into factions, sometimes leading to violence.  Many of these new groups focus on political and military matters.  Still others stem from religious revivals, sometimes bordering on obsessive cults.

STR= 2D+2:  Brawling 3D; Lifting 3D.
DEX= 2D+1:  Firearms 2D+2; Dodge 2D+2; Melee Weapon: Plasma Torch 3D; Pilot: SCV
CON=2D+1:  Resistance 3D
KNO=3D:  Mechanics 4D; Resource Extraction 4D; Computers 4D; Electronics 4D; Jury Rig 3D+2
Equipment:  Space Construction Vehicle; Toolkit; Hand computers.
     Technicians are highly valued among the civilian and military populace alike. While any spacefaring human needs to know a thing or two about engineering, only a few are truly capable with all things mechanical.  Technicians do everything from extracting raw materials to building complex factories and vehicles.  In space, the time it takes to to debug a space station's computer net, build a secure bunker, or repair a Seige Tank may mean the difference between life and death  Many Technicians use Space Construction Vehicles (SCV's) in their repair and construction efforts.
      Though smart and able, many technicians are social misfits with extremely poor people skills.  Some are arrogant, others shy to the point of debilitation. 

DEX= 3D:  Dodge 3D+1; Running 4D
CON= 2D+2:  Endurance 3D.
KNO= 3D:  First Aid 5D; Sciences 4D; Education 4D; Medicine 2D; Engineering 2D
INS= 2D+2:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D+2
Special::  On the battlefield, Medics wear Pauling Armored Suit (PAS), a powered protective suit with built in medical supplies and tools.  The
     The Medic Corps is also well-received in many parts of Terran Space.  These "Angels of Mercy" carry out widespread, mobile health care to all of the colonial outposts in times of peace.  During conflicts (which is all the time, these days), the Medics Corp members don sealed, armored suits and brave the front lines with other Terran troops.  Though they do not engage the enemy--indeed, many have taken an oath to never harm another living being--the Medics bolster Terran forces by healing their wounds so that they may return to battle more quickly.
     Because Medics are popular among other Terrans, they generally get a +1D when dealing with other humans in a friendly manner (bargaining for goods, trying to persuade someone of a course of action, seduction, etc.).  However, people are always badgering Medics for favors--to take a look at an old wound, ask various medical advice, attempt to get a perscription, etc.  For this reason, may Medics prefer to keep their identies as secret as possible.

Militia Soldier
STR= 3D:  Brawling: 4D; Climbing 3D+2
DEX= 2D+2:  Firearms: 3D+2; Heavy Weapons: 3D; Dodge 3D; Running 3D; Melee Weapons 3D; Throwing 3D
CON= 3D:  Endurance 3D+2; Resistance 3D+2
KNO= 1D+2: Tactics 2D; Streetwise 2D+2; Jury-rig 2D+1
INS= 3D:  Search 3D+2; Stealth 3D+2.
PRE= 1D+2:  Command 2D
Weapons:  Usually assault rifles (7D) or shotguns (5D).  Occasionally will have heavy weapons, grenades or demolitions.
Armor:  Usually Kevlar Vests or, occasionally, personal powered armor (see the Armor section in Terran Equipment).
      Militia Soldiers make up the bulk of the regular army and police forces on the Terran Worlds.  Militia soldiers have a wide variety of training, experiences and equipment--depending on the wealth and contentiousness of their colony.  A few of the more talented soldiers are promoted into the ranks of the regular armor--to perhaps join the Confederate navy as a pilot or battleship crewman.

Armored Marine
STR= 3D+1 (5D in armor):  Brawling 4D; Climbing 3D+2; Jumping 3D+2.  (Note: Strength bonus only increases damage, Lifting and Jumping skills, not Climbing and Brawling).
DEX= 3D+1:  Firearms 4D; Throwing 3D+2; Dodge 3D+2; Running 3D+2.
CON= 3D+1:  Endurance 4D; Resistance 4D; Willpower 3D+2.
KNO= 1D+2:  Tactics 2D+1; Jury-rig 2D+1; Streetwise 2D+2.
INS= 2D+2:  Search 3D; Stealth 3D.
PRE= 1D+2:  Command 2D+1; Intimidate 2D+2.
Weapons:  "Impaler" Gauss Rifle (8D).
Armor:  CMC-300/400 Powered Combat Suit (Armor Value:  30 / 23 / 16 / 9).
     Most marines are criminals or other social misfits that have undergone Neural Resocialization to make them loyal, if somewhat mindless, soldiers.  They tend to be a fairly crude and uneducated bunch, spoiling for a fight and holding their ground to the bitter end.  These men and women are the backbone of the Terran defenses.  Though they are valuable for repelling attacks and wiping out enemy outposts, these soldiers are treated as fairly disposable. 

STR= 3D+1 (6D in armor):  Brawling 4D; Climbing 3D+2; Jumping 3D+2
DEX= 3D+1:  Firearms 4D; Throwing 3D+2; Dodge 3D+2; Running 3D+2.
CON= 3D+2:  Endurance 4D; Resistance 4D; Willpower 3D+2.
KNO= 1D+2:  Tactics 2D+1; Jury-rig 2D+1; Streetwise 2D+2.
INS= 2D+2:  Search 3D; Stealth 3D.
PRE= 1D+2:  Command 2D+1; Intimidate 2D+2.
Weapons:  Perdition Flamethrower (9D).
Armor:  CMC-600 Powered Combat Suit (Armor Value:  33 / 25 / 17 / 9).
     Most marines are criminals or other social misfits that have undergone Neural Resocialization to make them loyal, if somewhat mindless, soldiers.  They tend to be a fairly crude and uneducated bunch, spoiling for a fight and holding their ground to the bitter end.  These men and women are the backbone of the Terran defenses.  Though they are valuable for repelling attacks and wiping out enemy outposts, these soldiers are treated as fairly disposable. 

STR= 3D:  Climbing 5D; Jumping 5D
DEX= 4D:  Firearms 5D; Throwing 5D; Dodge 5D; Running 5D; Melee Weapons 5D; Martial Arts 5D..
CON= 3D+2:  Endurance 4D; Resistance 4D; Willpower 5D.
KNO= 2D:  Tactics 3D+2; Sciences 3D+2; Security 4D.
INS= 4D:  Search 4D+2; Stealth 5D.
PRE= 2D:  Command 3D.
PSI= 2D (Fitted with a Psychic Dampener.  The Ghost cannot learn any new psychic skills beyond those taught to him by his military handlers.).  Skills usually include Cloak Self, Sense Lifeform, Glitch; Healing; Enhance Strength, Enhance Dexterity, Enhance Constitution.
Weapons:  25 mm Cannister Rifle (5D).
Armor:  HES Espionage Suit. (Armor Value:  25 / 19 / 13 / 7).
     Ghosts are handpicked at birth because of their potential psychic abilities.  These rare humans are trained throughout their childhood to become assassins and spies for the Terran government.  Each is also fit with a Psychic Dampener to prevent the Ghost from independently developing her powers and growing too potent (Heroic Surgical Attempt to remove).   Surprisingly, many Ghosts appear as normal folks, rarely manifesting their psychic abiliies.  A few opt to have cybernetic implants to enhance their effectiveness as assassins.

Vulture Cavalry
STR= 2D+2: Brawling 3D.
DEX= 3D:  Firearms 3D+2; Drive: Hovercycle 4D; Dodge 3D+2; Brawling 3D+2; Vehicle Weapons: Hoverbike Grenade Launcher: 4D.
CON= 2D+2:  Resistance 3D.
KNO= 2D:  Tactics: Vultures 3D; Mechanics 3D; Geography 3D; Navigation 3D.
INS= 2D+1:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D:  Command 3D.
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Leather or Combat Vests.
VehicleScavenger Hoverbike.
     Most Vulture riders are part biker gang thug, part Wild West cowboy, and part stunt man.  They ride fast and hard over the rough terrain of the Terran worlds.  Vultures are highly useful for quick raids and sneak attacks, and are often used for scouting missions.

Tank Driver
STR= 2D: 
DEX= 2D+1:  Firearms 3D;  Tank Ops 4D; Vehicle Weapons: Tank Cannons 4D; Dodge: 2D+2; Brawling 2D+2.
CON= 2D+2:  Resistance 3D.
KNO= 2D+1:  Tactics: Tanks 3D; Mechanics 3D; Geography 3D; Navigation 3D; Communications 3D.
INS= 2D:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D:  Command 3D.
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Combat Vests or Unpowered Body Armor.
VehicleArclite Siege Tank.
     Tanks form the backbone of Terran ground forces, providing highly destructive firepower while withstanding impressive damage.  Most Tank Drivers have extensive battlefield experience and some knowledge of armored tactics.  They are usually men and women of few words, but they take a special pleasure in firing big guns and laying waste to enemy forces.

Walker Jockey
STR= 2D: 
DEX= 2D+1:  Firearms 3D; Walker Ops 4D; Vehicle Weapons: Walker Weapons 4D; Dodge: 2D+2; Brawling 2D+2.
CON= 2D+1:  Resistance 3D.
KNO= 2D+2:  Tactics: Infantry 3D+1; Mechanics 3D; Geography 3D; Navigation 3D; Communications 3D.
INS= 2D:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D:  Command 3D.
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Combat Vests or Unpowered Body Armor.
VehicleGoliath Assault Walker.
     Walkers are the infantryman's big brother--towering overhead, ready to pound the enemy to a pulp.  Fast, agile, and powerfully armed, Walkers are a welcome sight to allies and a cause for concern among enemies.  Walker Jockey's tend to know this, and so they're a bit cocky more often than not--some refer to them as "fight pilots without wings."  Jockeys tend to hang out together and know other jockeys by reputation even if they've never met.

Science Crewman
STR= 2D: 
DEX= 2D:  Firearms 2D+2; Dodge: 2D+1; Pilot Transport: Science Vessel 3D.
CON= 2D: 
KNO= 3D+2:  Science 4D; Mechanics 4D; Electronics 4D; Communications 4D; Starship Operations 4D.
INS= 2D:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D: 
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Combat Vests.
VehicleExplorer Science Vessel.
     Science Crewman staff the mobile research stations that the Terrans once deployed along the outer reaches of their space.  With the invasions of the Protoss and Zerg, the Science Vessels have been recalled to Known Space to aid in the Terran defense.  Where these crews once explored new worlds and studied unknown phenomena, they must now use their ships in the heat of battle, to defend their comerades and strike at the enemy however possible.  Needless to say, few science crewmen signed on for such dire duty, and many have a hard time of it.

Freighter Pilot
STR= 2D+1: 
DEX= 3D:  Pilot Transport 4D; Starship Weapons: Science Vessel Weapons.
CON= 2D+1:  Resistance 3D.
KNO= 2D+2:  Science 4D; Mechanics 4D; Electronics 4D; Communications 4D; Starship Operations 4D.
INS= 2D+1:  Search 3D; Gambling 3D.
PRE= 2D:  Con 2D+2
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Combat Vests.
VehicleStandard Freighter or Military Dropship.
     Freighter Pilots make up the bulk of the Terran transport fleet.  Civilian pilots handle cargo transportation, passenger ships, and courier vessels.  Military freighter pilots are responsible for the Dropships which bring Terran units into the field of battle.  Freighter pilots, especially Dropship pilots, tend to have nerves of steel--often flying large, slow, and unarmed ships right into the a hot zone in order to drop or extract troops.  Though these pilots rarely get the glory of those flying starfighters or capital ships, they are an important part of the Terran defense force.

Fighter Pilot
STR= 2D+2: 
DEX= 3D+2:  Pilot Starfighter 4D; Starship Weapons 4D.
CON= 3D:  Endurance 3D+1.
KNO= 2D+2:  Tactics: Starfighters 3D; Mechanics 3D; Electronics 3D; Communications 3D; Starship Operations 4D; Sensors 3D.
INS= 2D+1:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D:  Command 3D
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  Flight Suit.
VehicleWraith Starfighter.
    Fighter pilots are the cream of the Terran navy--the quickest, coolest and most dangerous units available (at least in their own opinion).  Flying the CF/A-17 Wraith, with its versatile weapons systems and cloaking potential, these pilots often make good on their boasts.  They can slip right past enemy units in full daylight and lay waste to an opposition base.  Pilots tend to be cocky and willing to take unnecessary risks, but in the heat of battle, they tend to fight well together, keep their heads, and show the same ferocious tenacity as the units on the ground.

Capital Ship Crewman
STR= 2D: 
DEX= 3D:  Pilot Capital Ship 4D; Capital Ship Gunnery 4D.
CON= 3D:  Endurance 3D+1.
KNO= 2D+2:  Tactics 3D+2; Mechanics 3+2D; Electronics 3D+2; Communications 3D; Starship Operations 4D; Sensors 4D.
INS= 2D+2:  Search 3D.
PRE= 2D+2:  Command 3D+2
Weapons:  Standard Sidearms (Pistol 4D).
Armor:  None (standard uniform).
VehicleBehemoth Battlecruiser.
    These crewmen man the controls of the Terran fleet's mightiest vessels:  the Behemoth Battlecruisers.  These ships not only pack the most powerful punch of the Terrans, they also serve as the command ships for the generals and admierals guiding the war effort.  To serve aboard such a vessel is both an honor and a privilege.  The crewmen know this and work extra hard to keep things running smooth and, hopefully, be considered for promotion...