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The Protoss are an extremely advanced race of reptilian-like beings.  Their technology boasts advanced robotics, time-space warping capacity, and, perhaps most impressively, a seemless integration of psionic powers with artificial machinery.  Psionic forces surround the Protoss and form the fundemental part of their society.  For generations, they ruled as the dominant race in the sector, but they have found themselves matched by their sibling race, the Zerg.  Meanwhile the Terran people continue to surprise (and often horrify) even the wisest of the Protoss Elders.  Where the Protoss will come out in this new cosmic disorder is an open, and haunting question.

The history provided below is paraphrased from the Starcraft and Brood War instruction manuals, both published by Blizzard Entertainment.  The originals have much more complete information about the history and motivations of the Protoss (and fewer spelling errors) and should be read by any GM or player of this RPG.

The Evolution of the Protoss and the Aeon of Strife
The Protoss were still a young, tribal race when the Xel'Naga arrived on Aiur and began to engineer them into a more evolutionary advanced species.  The Protoss quickly adapted, becoming an intellctually advanced and individualistic race.  This individualism led to factionalism which fueld the Protoss' natural inclination towards tribal separatism.  Though the Xel'Naga had introduced themselves into Protoss society, the Protoss Tribes continued to segregate and hostilities grew.  Finally, the Xel'Naga were forced to consider that they had made a mistake in interfering with the Protoss' development and chose to leave Aiur.  The Protoss descended into violent chaos for generations.

The Second Age
After centuries of conflict, the Protoss will for warfare had begun to diminish, if only slightly. At the same time, a Protoss named Khas discovered a trove of Xel'Naga artifacts, including the Khaydarin Crystals.  Using the Crystals, Khas tapped into the Protoss' inherent psychic powers.  He soon accumulated numerous followers, known and developed the Khala disciplines, otherwise known as the "Path to Ascension."  Khas' followers, known as the Khalai grew to dominate the populace and order was restored on Aiur for the first time in over a millenium.

With this new peace, the Protoss built a powerful and prosperous civilization, rediscovering the old teachings of the Xel'Naga and developing awesome new technologies.  The Protoss population was segregated into three major castes--the Khalai (citizens and followers of Khas), the Judicators (judges and administrators), and the Templars (warriors and scouts).  Individuality and factionalism was muted to further communal, unified goals and harmony.  The Protoss developed spacefaring technology and quickly discovered new alien species in nearby solar systems.  Unlike the Xel'Naga, the Protoss did not manipulate these species, but they did undertake an effort to protect those species from interstellar threats.  For hundreds of years, the Protoss continued to develop their civilization and explore the stars. 

The Rogue Tribes and the Dark Templar
A few Protoss refused to submit to the new rule under the Judicators, fearing their indivdiuality would be abolished.  The Judicator elites knew of these outcasts, but kept them secret from the general populace.  Finally, the Judicators decided to wipe out the Rogues and sent Adun, a powerful Templar, to perform the task.  But Adun could not kill his own kind and sought to enlighten the Rogues with the Templar secrets, hoping to bring them back into the fold.  But the Rogues lacked the discipline to control their new powers and a devastating psychic storms were unleashed on Aiur.  Finally, the Judicators banished Adun and the Rogues from Aiur, forcing them to wander the stars for eternity, known only as the Dark Templar.  The Dark Templars accepted their banishment, but have always loved Aiur and sought to aid her in secret during times of need.

Humanity and the Zerg
The Protoss were aware of Humanity ever since its arrival in the Koprulu Sector.  The Protoss found Terrans to be relatively unpromising, with makeshift technology, no apparent psyhic potential, and an instatiable--and wasteful--lust to consume natural resources.  It was only when the Terran colonies began to be infested by the Zerg that Protoss took notice.  The Conclave ordered the Templar Tassadar to wipe out the Zerg threat, eradicating all life on the Terran worlds at the same time.  Tassadar refused, but did engage the Zerg (and, at times, ignorant Terrans) in an attempt to contain the threat.

The Brood War Era
Ultimately, the Zerg managed to invade Aiur and begin to lay waste to the planet in its thirst for total domination.  The Protoss and some dissdent Terrans united to battle the Zerg menace and Tassadar called upon the forbidden powers of the Dark Templar to slay the Zerg Overmind.  In the aftermath, Zerg forces remain on Aiur, the Protoss civilization reels under destruction, and the Protoss have little idea that Terrans from the United Earth Directorate are arriving in the Koprulu Sector intent on quelling any alien activity--including Protoss.

United under the disciplines of the Khala, the old Protoss Tribes together strive to protect and advance their species.  Their differences are relatively minimal--often only a matter of varied skin tones.  With the Judicators serving as the ruling caste, the Templars filling military needs, and the Khalai forming the industry and bulk of citizenry, the Protoss society functions with a well-developed efficiency maintained by a rigorous adherence to dogma and conformism.

Some of the Tribes continue to take on special roles in the society.

Caste:  Judicator
Station: Conclave Praetor Guard
Tribal Color:  Red
     The first to follow the teachings of Khas, the Ara control who will serve upon the elite Conclave Council.  Despite its revolutionary origins, the Ara now seems cemented in the dogma of the Khala.  It will pursue Protoss protectionism and interests without hesitation, seeking to wipe out the Zerg and leave the foolish Terrans to their own devices.

Caste:  Templar
Station:  High Templar Command
Tribal Color:  Green
     During the Aeon of Strife, the Akilae warriors brutally dominated the other Protoss castes.  With the rise of the Khala, the Akilae learned a new sense of honor and discipline, ceding control to the Judicators and pledging their armed might to protecting all Protoss regardless of Tribe.  The Akilae now lead the Protoss forces into any battle against their speciesí enemies.
     The Akilae fight honorably and willingly die to protect Protoss interests.  They have began to debate with the Judicator that Humanity should be protected and guided rather than left to the Zerg onslaught.

Caste:  Judicator
Station:  Librarians, Keepers of the Khaydarin Crystals
Tribal Color:  White
     The ancestral Shelaks were the closest to the XelíNaga and retain responsibility for maintaining the remnants of knowledge from that ancient race.  Today, the Shelak also study the properties of the Khaydarin Crystals and discover new uses for the Protoss.

Caste:  Templar
Station:  Enforcers/Assassins
Tribal Color:  Blue
    Always fiercely independent and resistant to the imposition of the Khala dogma, the Sargas stand a bit aside from all other Protoss Tribes.  Less controlled by the Judicators and less rigid than the Akilae, the Sargas also have a long tradition of skill in the martial and stealthy arts.  As such, they have become known as the assassins of the Protoss.  Not surprisingly, the Sargas Tribe has produced more Dark Templars than an other.

Caste:  Templar
Station:  Protectors of the Great Fleet
Tribal Color:  Orange
     From the Protossí infancy, the Auriga have always been the first to construct vessels of exploration and scout into the unknown darkness of the wilds.  On Aiur, the Auriga were the first to circumnavigate Aiur, the first to launch rockets into orbit, and the first to master faster-than-light speeds.  Today, the Auriga continue to produce the best pilots and mechanics of the Protoss starships.  They are fiercely loyal to the Judicator leadership.

Caste:  Khalai
Station:  Weaponsmiths and Technologists
Tribal Color:  Purple
     Though not warriors, the Furinax are the brilliant engineers and weapons technologists that arm the Protoss military.  The Furinax are masters of developing new techniques to merge machines, the Khaydarin Crystals, and Protoss psionic abilities.


Advisor to Koprulu Expeditionary Force
Species:  Protoss
Caste:  Judicator
Age:  740
STR:  3D
DEX:  2D
CON:  3D
KNO:  3D  Tactics 6D; Bureaucracy 10D; Business 8D; Law-Protoss 10D; Education 8D; Science 7D; Alien Species 8D; Languages 8D
INS:  2D  Search 6D; Profile 9D
PRE:  2D  Command 8D; Persuade 7D
PSI:  4D  Telepathy 8D; Enhance Mental Attribute 6D; Telekinesis 7D; Concentration 6D
HP:  40
CP:  12
CHI:  3
     Aldaris has had a long career as a Protoss administrator and now serves as the Judicator overseer of the Templar fleet in the Koprulu Sector.  Steeped in species pride and the dogma of the Khala, Aldaris will not suffer dissent and has little empathy for non-Protoss beings.  While brilliant, Aldaris can be insufferably controlling and critical, often hounding those under him.

Assassin / Adventurer
Species:  Protoss
Caste: Praetor of the Dark Templar
Age:  634
STR:  4D  Climbing 6D; Jumping 6D
DEX:  4D  Melee Weapons 7D; Melee Weapons-Psi Blades 9D; Martial Arts 8D; Dodge 8D; Running 7D; Pilot Starship 6D; Starship Gunnery 6D
CON:  4D  Resistance 6D; Endurance 7D; Willpower 8D
KNO:  2D  Tactics 6D; Alien Species 5D; Survival 7D; Education 5D; Planetary Systems 6D
INS:  2D  Search 7D; Stealth 9D
PRE:  2D  Command 5D; Persuade 6D
PSI:  4D  Telepathy 6D; Enhance Physical Attribute 6D; Telekinesis 5D; Concentration 5D; Psi-Blades 8D; Shield 8D; Mind Control 5D; Cloaking (permanent) 7D
HP:  50
CP:  15
CHI:  4
     Refusing to bend to the conformist dogma of the Protoss establishment, Zeratul was one of the rogues banished from Aiur during the Dark Templar Exile.  Though he has a strong hatred for the Protoss Conclave, Zeratul still loves his home planet and seeks to help the Protoss people however possible.  Though he does not follow the Khala, Zeratul has a strong sense of honor and self-sacrafice.

Praetor of the Protoss Defense Force
Species:  Protoss
Caste: Templar
Age:  397
STR:  3D
DEX:  3D  Melee Weapons-Psi Blades 6D; Martial Arts 6D; Dodge 6D; Pilot Starship 7D; Starship Gunnery 7D
CON:  3D  Resistance 5D; Endurance 5D; Willpower 5D
KNO:  3D  Tactics 9D; Alien Species 6D; Survival 5D; Education 4D; Communications 6D; Sensors 6D; Planetary Systems 6D
INS:  2D  Search 5D; Stealth 4D
PRE:  2D  Command 8D; Persuade 6D
PSI:  3D  Telepathy 6D;  Telepathy-Battle Commands 8D; Concentration 5D; Psi-Blades 8D.
HP:  45
CP:  10
CHI:  2
     Though relatively young, Fenix has advanced far in the Protoss military.  His brilliance shines in large-scale battles, and his ability to effectively command large forces is unparalleled.  A close friend of Tassadar, Fenix distrusts the Judicator caste and places great faith in the ability of his fellow Templars.  Despite his doubts, Fenix will fight for the Protoss homeworld to the bitter end.

Executor of the Koprulu Expedition
Species:  Protoss
Caste:  High Templar
Age:  356
STR:  2D+2
DEX:  3D  Dodge 5D
CON:  3D  Resistance 5D; Endurance 5D; Willpower 10D
KNO:  3D  Tactics 8D; Alien Species 6D;  Education 6D; Planetary Systems 6D; Education-Dark Templar Mysticism 8D
INS:  3D  Search 7D; Stealth 4D
PRE:  3D  Command 8D; Persuade 7D; Intimidate 7D
PSI:  6D  Psionic Storm 9D; Hallucination 8D; Telepathy 9D; Telekinesis 7D; Concentration 5D; Shield 8D.
HP:  45
CP:  15
CHI:  4
    Tassadar elevated to the High Templar station early in life, Tassadar has always showed great promise in mastering his psionic potential and a clear intuition of the teachings of Khas.  Though entrusted with great power by the Judicators, Tassadar is an unconventional, perhaps even revolutionary thinker.  He studies Protoss history, mysticism, and the teachings of the Dark Templar with great rigor.  He hopes to one day break free of the dogmatic quagmire in which Protoss society appears stuck.  Re-uniting with the Dark Templar tribe may be the greatest hope to free the Protoss mind.

Brood War Era
     Tassadar sacrificed himself to destroy the Zerg Overmind during the Battle of Aiur.  In the cataclysmic aftermath, neither Tassadar nor the Archon appeared to have survived.  As the Zerg forces run rampant of Aiur and the pitched battles are renewed, some of Tassadarís followers believe his essence may yet manifest again to help the Protoss cause.

Though the Conclave and nearly 70% of Aiurís population has been destroyed, a few Protoss leaders remain to attempt to protect what remains.  In this time of crisis, new heroes are also emerging to attempt reconstruction of the great Protoss society.

Praetor of the Protoss Defense Forces
Species:  Protoss
Caste:  High Templar
Age:  262
STR:  2D
DEX:  3D  Dodge 5D
CON:  2D+2  Resistance 4D; Endurance 4D; Willpower 6D
KNO:  3D  Tactics 5D; Alien Species 4D
INS:  3D  Search 5D; Stealth 4D
PRE:  4D  Command 7D; Persuade 5D; Intimidate 5D
PSI:  4D  Psionic Storm 6D; Hallucination 6D; Telepathy 7D; Telekinesis 5D; Concentration 3D; Shield 6D.
HP:  45
CP:  5
CHI:  2
     The young Artanis has quickly risen among the High Templar to lead their forces into battle.  Loyal to the Khala disciplines and deeply faithful to a vision of a unified Protoss society, Artanis also harbors great admiration for Tassadar and emulates him in many ways.  However, Artanisí youth and inexperience sometimes combine with a certain reckless naivete which may place him and his forces into unnecessary peril.

Matriarch of the Dark Templar Tribes of Shakuras
Caste:  Dark Templar
Sex:  Female
Age:  1045
STR:  1D+2
DEX:  1D+2
CON:  1D+2  Resistance 6D; Endurance 5D; Willpower 10D (see below)
KNO:  8D  Tactics 9D; Alien Species 10D;  Education 10D;  Planetary Systems 11D; Science 11D; Bureauracy-Dark Templar 13D; Business 12D
INS:  5D  Search 7D; Stealth 12D
PRE:  4D  Command 10D; Persuade 8D; Intimidate 10D
PSI:  12D  Mind Control 14D; Psi-Blades 10D; Cloaking (permanent) 12D; Telepathy 15D; Telekinesis 11D; Concentration 9D; Shield 12D.  Raszagul likely has many more psionic powers--likely all listed in this game and more yet to be described. 
HP:  32
CP:  50
CHI:  8
     Among the most ancient of the Protoss, Raszagul was believed to have one of the greatest minds in the galaxy.  But now in her great age, after generations of shepherding her Dark Templar children through space, Raszagul has begun to grow exhausted and her mastery of her psionic powers appears to be slipping.  Raszagul has kept her Tribes apart from the other wandering Dark Templar, hiding instead on the planet of Shakuras.  From time to time, she has sent agents to Aiur to collect intelligence and covertly assist the Protoss.  Now, in this great time of need, she has brought forth her Tribes to aid all Protoss and hopefully reunite her people.

The Protoss have a strong sense of community and social responsibility.  Each Protoss fits into the whole, serving a needed purpose for which each individual is specially suited.  Like any thriving society, the Protoss are diverse, but the various tribes live in peaceful co-existence.  Until recently, at least...

Protoss Citizen
Role:   Kahlai Caste Member
STR= 2D+1: 
DEX= 2D: 
KNO= 3D+2: 
INS= 2D+2: 
PRE= 2D+1: 
HP= 25. 
Height:  2 m
Armor:  6 (Protoss robes).
Shield:  25.  Most citizens do not have access to shield generators (nor do they need them). 
Movement: 10 m.
    Protoss citizens are as diverse as any sentient race that actively pursues intellectual growth, domestic harmony and spiritual development.  They are scientists, industrialists, teachers, merchants, parents, neighbors.  The Protoss have a deep sense of pride, and most believe that they are a superior race, destined for greatness in the galazy.  However, they remain deeply divided about how to treat aliens and how to counter the Zerg threat.  Some are fearful of humanity while others see it as an opportunity to guide an infant race towards a more harmonious existence.

Role:   Protoss Administrator
STR= 2D+2: 
DEX= 2D: 
KNO= 4D: 
INS= 3D+2: 
PRE= 3D+2: 
HP= 25. 
Height:  2 m
Armor:  6 (Protoss heavy robes).
Shield:  25.  Most Judicators do not use shields except if they are expecting some hostility.  They seem such devices as below their station. 
Movement: 10 m.
    The Judicator Caste is primarily responsible for the functions of Protoss government.  Their elites meet in the Judicator Assembly, which is headed by the Conclave, a small core of Elders.  The lower members of the caste fill most roles for administration and bureaucracy for the Protoss.  They tend to be highly organized, deferential to those in authority, and a bit uptight (even among the Protoss).
     The higher members of the Judicators are extremely powerful.  The elites make decisions in secret and have the power to order Templar forces into battle, even, perhaps, to wipe out an entire alien species.  As with any bureaucracy, their motives may remain mysterious and are in danger of being corrupted.  But most Judicators believe they act to protect the Protoss race and will do any to achieve that goal.
     Some of the Judicators have been chosen to crew the powerful Arbiter starships.  The Judicators use these vessels to lend their hand to the Templars in times of war and, most likely, to keep a presence of authority over the Templars as they carry out their campaigns.

The Templars:

Role:  assault warrior
STR= 5D (in powersuit), 4D out of suit: 
DEX= 4D: Dodge 5D; Melee Weapons: Psionic Blades 5D; Running 5D; Martial Arts (Protoss): 4D+2
CON= 6D: 
KNO= 2D+1: Tactics: 3D+2
INS= 2D:   Search 3D; Stealth 3D+2
PRE= 2D:
HP= 50
Scale:  Character
Height:  @ 2.3m

  • Psionic Blades: the Zealot's power suit is fitted with units which channel psionic power into a beam of energy. 
    • Damage: STR + 1D per PSI Die.  May be increased 1D per Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Scale: Character.
    • Range:  melee combat only.
Armor:  22.  May be increased by 5 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  40.  May be increased by 10 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 12 m.  May be increased by 10 m per round for each Leg Enhancements Upgrade.
Resource Cost: 1 RP for 2 Zealots.
    Zealots compose the primary ground force for the Protoss.  These highly trained warriors are outfitted with cybernetic implants and power suits and unleashed with ferocity upon the enemy.  They live by the strict code of Khala and hope to master their Psionic potential to advance to higher levels within the Protoss order.

Role:  Cybernetic Support Warrior
STR= 5D+2: Lifting 8D
DEX= 3D+1: Dodge 4D; Running 7D; Heavy Weapons: Phase Disruptor 5D.
CON= 6D+2: 
KNO= 2D+2: Tactics: 3D+2
INS= 1D+2   Search 3D; Stealth 3D
HP= 70.  Dragoons may only receive First Aid through a Medicine: Cybernetics attempt.
Scale:  Passenger Vehicle
Length:  3m
Height:  5m
  • Phase Disruptor Cannon:  the Dragoon body has a built-in anti-matter weapon which is bolstered by the Dragoon's Psi.
    • Damage: 6D + 1D per PSI Die.  May be increased 1D per Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Scale: Character.
    • Range:  1-4 / 10 / 25 / 50.  May be increased by 10 m in each category per Singularity Charge Upgrade.
    • Cooldown Rate:  the Phase Disruptor Cannon may only be fired once per combat round at most.
Armor:  30.  May be increased by 7 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  60.  May be increased by 15 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 20 m.
Cargo:  Dragoons do not have a passenger compartment, but they may carry other beings upon their "torso".
Resource Cost: 1 RP per Dragoon.
    Dragoons are Protoss warriors that have been grievously wounded and permitted their crippled physical bodies to be merged into large cybernetic walkers.  Dragoons are somewhat tragic among the Protoss: proud warriors without flesh and blood, forced to channel their psionic energies through a machine in order to function.  Regardless, they are highly valued among the infantry and given due respect.

High Templar
Role:   Psionic Warrior
STR= 4D: 
DEX= 3D+2: Dodge 4D; Martial Arts 4D+2
CON= 4D: 
KNO= 3D+2: 
INS= 4D:   Search 5D; Stealth 3D; Profile 5D
PRE= 3D+2:  Command 4D
PSI=4D:  See below for standard powers.
HP= 35. 
Scale: Character
Height:  2.3 m
Powers: High Templars may have a variety of mental powers, but the most common known to Terrans are listed below.

  • Psionic Storm:  By studying in the Templar Archives, Templars may learn to unleash their psychic energies in devestating attacks on their enemy's brains.
    • Damage: Mental damage equal to the Templar's PSI Dice (usually 4D).  Armor and standard shields provide no protection.  Scale is also irrelevant.  However, the target must be a living creature with a brain.  This attack may be upgraded 1D per Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Scale:  Character.
    • Range:  2/ 5 / 10 / 20 (see below for area of effect).
    • Wave Effect:  the Psionic Storm affects all non-Protoss targets (even allies) within a 10 m radius of the primary target of the Templar's attack.
    • Cooldown:  the Templar may only attempt the Psionic Storm once per 2 combat rounds.
  • Hallucination:  In the Templar Archives, some High Templars have learned the ability to create life-like illusions that will fool enemy troops. 
    • Difficulty: Moderate to create illusionary duplicates troops / terrain in the area.  Very Difficult to create more novel images.
    • Range:  the illusion may be projected up to 300 meters away from the Templar.
    • Duration:  1 minute + 1 minute per Effect Value.
  • Summon Archon:  two High Templars may merge together and become a powerful entity known as the Archon (see below).
Armor:  15.  May be increased by 5 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  25.  May be increased by 10 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 10 m.
Resource Cost:  1 RP per High Templar.
    High Templars are among the Protoss warriors that have begun to truly master their psionic potential.  They set aside all forms of martial training to attain a higher order of mental prowess.  They are revered among the Protoss and the Templars fill their station with a strong sense of pride and responsibility.  In times of great need, they willingly sacrifice themselves for the good of the Protoss people.

Dark Templar
Role:   Elite Stealth Warrior  (Brood War Era only).
STR= 4D: 
DEX= 5D: Dodge 5D+2; Martial Arts 6D; 
CON= 5D: 
KNO= 3D: 
INS= 3D+2:   Search 5D; Stealth 5D; Profile 5D
PRE= 3D+2:  Command 4D
HP= 45. 
Scale: Character
Height:  2.3 m
Weapons & Powers: 

  • Hyper-Psi Blades:  Dark Templars have developed a modified Psi-Blade technology that radically enhances the damage done.
    • Damage: PSI x 3 damage.  Add 1D to the total for each Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Scale:  Character.
    • Range:  Melee Combat only.
  • Permanent Cloaking:  Dark Templars have mastered the ability to bend light around their bodies and are always invisible to normal visual detection.  However, they may be detected by special systems, psychic powes, and other senses (sounds, smell, etc.).
  • Summon Dark Archon:  Like the High Templars, two Dark Templars may merge together to create a powerful being known as the Dark Archon.
Armor:  18.  May be increased by 5 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  40.  May be increased by 10 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 20 m.
Resource Cost:  1 RP per Dark Templar.
    The Dark Templars were exiled from the Protoss homeworld long ago for their refusal to follow the dogma of Khala.  Instead, they have wandered the galaxy, learning new ways to channel their formidable psychic powers.  These beings are enigmatic and distant, but are not the demons some would make them out to be.  Indeed, upon learning of the attack on Aiur, the Dark Templars have returned to protect their homeworld and race from the onslaught of the infidels and lesser races.  Whether their service will be appreciated by the Protoss hierarchy remains to be seen.

Role:   Heavy Assault Warrior
STR= 1D: 
DEX= 4D: Dodge 5D
CON= 2D: 
KNO= 5D: 
INS= 5D: 
PRE= 5D:  Command 4D; Intimidate 6D
HP= 20. 
Height:  5 m
Weapons & Powers: 
  • Psionic Shockwave: 
    • Damage:  4D + PSI.  Armor and most shields provide no protection against this attack.
    • Area of Effect: Full damage to all within 10 meters of primary target; -2D damage for each 10 meters from focal point.
    • Range:  5 / 15 / 50 / 100.
    • Cooldown:  the Psionic Shockwave may only be unleased once every 2 rounds.
Armor:  12.  May be increased by 4 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  200.  May be increased by 20 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 10 m.
Resource Cost:  Archons may only be created by the mergine of two High Templars.
    Born from the merging of the psionic essences of two High Templars, the Archon is a devestating force on the battlefield.  Psionic energy emanates from it, creating its powerful shield--entirely necessary to protect the Archon's fragile physical form.  The nearly unstoppable force of the Archon's psychic attack make it an essential unit for the Protoss.  Little is known of what happens to the Archons once they are no longer needed in battle.  Some believe that they are sequestered in a special Protoss temple to protect the general public from their powers.  Others believe that the Archon's swirling power slowly dissapates over time, until the Archon dimishes to nothing, rejoining the cosmic energy from which it drew its power.

Dark Archon
Role:   Heavy Assault Warrior
STR= 1D: 
DEX= 4D: Dodge 5D
CON= 2D: 
KNO= 5D: 
INS= 5D: 
PRE= 5D:  Command 4D; Intimidate 6D
HP= 35. 
Height:  5 m
Weapons & Powers: 

  • Feedback:  The Dark Archon may create a shield around itself that will reflect the energy of an attack upon it back at the original attacker.
    • Difficulty:  Moderate (15) to create the shield.  It may be kept "up" as an action each round (-1D).
    • Effect:  Will reflect a number of dice equal to the Dark Archon's Psi dice back at the attacker.  Damage dice in excess of the Archon's Psi will has on to the Archon.
  • Maelstrom:  By focusing its Psi, the Dark Archon can overload the nervous systems of all living units within an area, paralyzing them for a short period of time.
    • Difficulty:  Moderate (15).
    • Range:  10 / 30 / 60 / 90
    • Duration:  2 rounds + 1 round per Effect Value.
    • Resistance:  any unit may make an Extremely Difficult (25) Resistance roll to avoid the effects of Maelstrom.
  • Mind Control: the Dark Archon's most fearsome power is that of controlling the minds of others. 
    • Difficulty:  Difficult (20).
    • Range:  3 / 5 / 10 / 20.
    • Duration:  1 minute + 1 minute per Effect Value.
    • Resistance roll:  Once per minute, the target may make a Difficult Willpower roll to break the Archon's control.  When the target attempts this, a battle of wills occurs:  the Archon may make another Mind Control roll to maintain the dominance (but will do so at -1D).  The highest result will succeed.
Armor:  20.  May be increased by 5 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shield:  170.  May be increased by 20 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 10 m.
Resource Cost:  Dark Archons may only be created through the merging of two Dark Templars.
    The mysterious Dark Archons have not been seen for thousands of years on Aiur.  But dire times require that even the darkest of powers be invoked to defend the Protoss homeworld.  Created by the merging of two Dark Templars, the Dark Archon appears as a swirling cloud of psychic energy.  While it can do little in melee combat, its psychic powers make it potent addition to the Protoss forces.  Though they now serve in the defense of the Protoss, Dark Archons are still widely distrusted by the Protoss hierarchy and the general populace.  And for good reason.

Scout Pilot
Role:   Starfighter Pilot
STR= 3D: 
DEX= 4D:  Pilot: Protoss Scout 5D; Starship Gunnery 5D
KNO= 2D+2: Tactics: Starfighters 4D; Starship Operations 3D+2; Science 3D; Mechanics 3D; Elecronics 3D; Planetary Systems 3D+2.
INS= 3D+2:  Search 4D; Survival 4D 
PRE= 2D+2: Command 3D+2.
HP= 35. 
Height:  2 m
Vehicle: Protoss Scout (Long-range starfighter).
Armor:  10 (Protoss Vac-Suit).
Shield:  30.  The light-weight shield emitter used by Scout Pilots cannot be upgraded.
Movement: 10 m.
Resource Cost:  Automatic with the production of a Protoss Scout.
    Scout Pilots are chosen from the Templar Caste for their natural curiousity and their ability to focus their Psi into flying the impressive Scout Starfighters of the Protoss.  It takes a rare individual to seemlessly merge their psionic energy with that of a machine, and these pilots are among that elite.  In times of peace, the Scout Corps occupies itself with its primary mission: exploring along the edges of Protoss space and beyond, on long-range missions that may take years.  But with the coming of the Zerg, the Scouts have returned to Protoss to defend their homeworld and serve their people as best they can.
     Most Scout Pilots carry either a small Phase Disrupter Pistol or arm themseves with a Psi-Blade.  They tend to be a bit more open than most Protoss military units and are often curious of other races, even if they must fight them in self-defense.

The Protoss make extensive use of robots to perform a wide variety of functions, including resource extraction, construction, and personnel transport.  Robot brains come in a equally large variety of intelligence and autonomy ratings, depending on the robot's programming and required function.  Finally, most robots have special equipment which allows them to take orders directly via mental transmissions from a Protoss controller.

Role:  Resource gatherer, worker.
STR= 4D: Lifting 6D.
DEX= 3D: Dodge 4D; Firearms: Particle Beam 4D; Flying 4D
CON= 5D:  Endurance 8D.
KNO= 2D: Value: Natural Resources 5D; Engineering: 4D
INS= 1D+2:   Search: Resources 5D
HP= 35
Scale:  Character
Length:  2 m ("wingspan")
Height:  1m

  • Particle Beams:  Probes primarily use their particle beam emitters for mining and construction work.  However, they may be used as short-range defensive weapons as well.
    • Damage: 3D+2.  May be increased 1D for each Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Scale: Character.
    • Range:  1/ 3/ 7/ 10
    • Drilling Effect:  the probe may focus its beam on a piece of armor or other hard substance and reduce the Armor Value by 2 for each round, regardless of whether the beam pierces the armor.
Armor:  10.  May be increased by 4 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shields: 20.  May be increased by 10 for each Shields Upgrade.
Movement: 15 m hovering/flying. Flight ceiling = @ 10 meters.
Resource Cost: 1 RP produces 4 Probes.
    Probes are semi-autonomous robots that service that perform basic services for the Protoss.  They do everything from extract resources to clean house.  While they are usually relatively mindless, those that have been in service for a long time will develop personality quirks and have been shown to accumulate a surprising range of knowledge.
     Among its many tools, a Probe may manufacture and plant small beacons that permit the Protoss to teleport pre-fabricated buildings from their Homeworld to the site.  Thus, Probes rarely need to engage in actual construction of buildings.  They only need to plant the beacon and get out of the way.

Role:  Mobile Artillery Unit
Scale:  Heavy Vehicle (4D over Character).
Length:  12 meters long.
Programmed Skills:  Tank Ops: Reaver 6D; Sensors 5D; Communications 5D.
Passengers:  0D.  Some Reavers may be heavily modified to house a few passengers.
Cargo Capacity:  10 tons, primarily materials to construct and arm Scarabs (see below).
Manueverability:  0D.
Speed:  15/30 (round). 
Hull Points:  100 / 75 / 50 / 25.
Armor:  25.  May be increased by 8 for each Ground Armor Upgrade.
Shields:  70
Communications:  Secure satellite communications.
Sensors:  Short Range Radar; External Optics.

  • Scarab Launcher:  Reavers may manufacture and launch small drones which fly at enemy targets and explode upon impact.
    • Damage:  9D.  May be upgraded 1D+1 for each Ground Weapons Upgrade.
    • Area of Effect: Does full damage to all targets with 3 m.  -2D damage for each addtional 5m from point of impact.
    • Control:  The Scarabs are self-guided and hit with 6D accuracy.  Scarabs that miss their targets will explode as near to the target as possible to cause at least some damage.
    • Range:  5 / 25 / 50 / 100
    • Ammunition:  10 Scarabs.  3 more Scarabs may be produced and carried for each Increase Capacity Upgrade.
Resource Cost:  2 RP per Reaver.
Description:  Reavers are large, buglike robots that provide heavy weapon support for Protoss troops.  The robot brain itself is relatively simple, responding to the direct orders of a battlefield general.  The Reaver may be set to a "search and destroy" mode, in which it will simply attack the nearest enemy units, but under this strategy, the Reaver will quickly run out of Scarabs.

Role:  Armored Transport
Scale:  Starfighter (6D over Character).
Length:  30 meters long.
Programmed Skills:  Pilot: Freighter 6D; Communications 6D; Sensors 5D; Mechanics (Self-repair) 5D; Electronics (Self-repair) 5D.
Passengers:  Approximately 40 ground troops.
Cargo Capacity:  200 metric tons. Approximately 4 units of ground troops (Reavers = 4 individuals)..
Manueverability:  0D.
Speed:  Atmosphere:  50/70.  Space: 4.  Gravitic Drive Upgrades may increase the Atmospheric Speed by 10 and the Space Speed by 2 per upgrade. 
Hull Points:  70.
Armor:  30.  May be increased by 5 for each Air Armor Upgrade.
Shields:  70.  May be increased by 10 per Shields Upgrade.
Communications:  Secure electronic and psychic links.

  • Passive:  7 / 1D
  • Scan: 15 /  2D
  • Search: 50 / 2D
  • Focus: 5 / 4D
Weapons:  None.
Resource Cost: 1 RP per Shuttle.
Description:  Shuttles are robotic troop transports, pure and simple.  The robot brain is fairly intelligent and capable of creative and independent thought in order to solve problems.  The robot brain often develops a kind of maternal sense for the troops that it carries into battle.  Regardless, shuttles will risk their well-being to transport troops to and from battle sites.  Also, most Protoss shuttles do have the capacity to be piloted by a biological unit (some situations require a living pilot).

Role:  Robotic Scouting Probe
Scale:  Character
Length:  1.8 meters long.
Programmed Skills:

  • STR= 2D
  • DEX= 4D:  Flying 6D; Dodge 5D.
  • CON=2D
  • KNO=3D:  Communications 6D; Sensors 6D; Mechanics (Self-repair) 5D; Electronics (Self-repair) 5D; Languages 5D;  Planetary Systems 4D; Navigation: Space 5D.
  • INS=1D:  Stealth 6D; Search (see Sensors).
  • PRE=1D:
Cargo Capacity:  roughly 10 kg for collected samples.
Manueverability:  2D.
Speed:  Atmosphere:  70/100.  Space: 6.  Gravitic Booster Upgrades may increase the Atmospheric Speed by 10 and the Space Speed by 2 per upgrade. 
Hyperspace Modifier: 4x
Hull Points:  25 / 19 / 13 / 7.
Armor:  10.  May be increased by 5 for each Air Armor Upgrade.
Shields:  25.  May be increased by 10 per Shields Upgrade.
Communications:  Secure electronic and psychic links.
Sensors: Detects cloaked vessels as if they were not cloaked.  Sensor range may be increased by 2 units for and resolution by 1D for each Sensor Array Upgrade.
  • Passive:  7 / 2D
  • Scan: 15 /  3D
  • Search: 50 / 4D
  • Focus: 5 / 5D
Cloaking Device:    Observers may automatically cloak themselves in battle situations.  The delicate micro-cloaking device will not work if weapons or other major modifications are added to the Observer.
Weapons:  None.
Resource Cost:  2 Observers per RP.
Description:  Observers are the primary eyes and ears of the Protoss in the far reaches of space and, with more frequeny, on the battlefield.  Because of their micro-cloaking devices, Observers easily sneak behind enemy lines and gather intelligence.  Because of their primary mission, these little robots can be quite inventive, curious, and quirky.  Those in operation for long periods of time develop significant senses of self and autonomy.