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Role-playing in the World of Starcraft

Welcome to Starcraft D6, a table-top role-playing game based on Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft computer game and West End Games’ D6 system.  In these pages, you’ll find all you need to run a Starcraft campaign, including basic game mechanics, character creation and templates for each species, skills, psionics and equipment.  Also included are some elements unique to Starcraft, including special buildings and structures, unit upgrades, and mass combat rules.

Generations ago, starships carrying a large group of human exiles crash landed light-years away from Earth without any means of communicating with the homeworld.  Over the decades, this rag-tag group of Terrans built thriving societies upon a handful of planets in the Koprulu Sector.  Believing themselves masters of that region, the Terrans were little prepared for the arrival of more advanced alien species.

First, unbeknownst to the Terrans, a voracious race of genetically engineered beings, known as the Zerg, managed to infect a few Terran colonies with their spores.  Then, a highly advanced, psionic race called the Protoss appeared and eradicated all forms of life upon the infected colonies in hopes of wiping out the Zerg.  Suddenly, wedged between the savage Zerg and the brutal Protoss, the Terrans have found themselves struggling to survive in the reaches of deep space.

Here, in the Koprulu Sector, these three species vie for dominance, their very existence hanging in the balance. 

First of all, Starcraft is wholly owned by Blizzard Entertainment. Most of this game’s elements have been directly adapted from Blizzard’s Starcraft and Brood Wars manuals and Prima’s Official Strategy Guides for both games.  While Starcraft D6 may be used as a generic science-fiction game, GM’s and players will probably get more out of playing a Starcraft campaign.  Given that, I highly recommend that the GM and players try out the Starcraft computer game (available on Mac and PC) and read over the manuals for more background and setting materials.  You can download a free Starcraft Demo for PC or Mac.  Furthermore, Blizzard has put out at least two Starcraft novels that will provide additional resources for game campaigns.

Second, Wizards of the Coast published a Starcraft resource book for its Alternity game line.  I’ve never actually seen this supplement, but I’m sure it would provide a lot more to a Starcraft campaign and is probably worth a look.

Finally, the game mechanics here are based on West End Games’ D6 Classic system.  Most of the rules have been adapted from WEG’s old Star Wars game (now out of print, though still available at many gaming stores and online auctions).  WEG’s Metabarons games is currently available and should be used as the primary guide for the game mechanics presented here.  In fact, the materials here could also be used to supplement your Metabarons campaign.  I have modified a number of WEG’s rules for this game and will try to point out where I’ve done so.

Addtional Credits and Thanks
First, the folks at Blizzard did a fine job not only putting out a first-rate computer game, but by publishing a manual that is rich in setting material, giving the game real depth and unique characters.  They made more than a simple resource-strategy game and their detailed work inspired the creation of this RPG.

Second, my friend Dan Wyman has been instrumental in the design of this (and many other) games.  A reknowned (and feared) Starcraft expert, Dan commented on nearly every aspect of the new rules here, including all the Starcraft species unit and structures pages, the mass combat system, and various other tweaks to the WEG rules.  Dan’s Javascript Dice-Roller may also be downloaded for use in your own games.  His website also has numerous multiplayer maps for the Starcraft computer game.

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