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Psi represents the psionic potential of an individual.  In general, every Protoss individual has at least 1D of Psi, only a very few Humans have any Psi, and no Zerg have yet added it to their genome.  A character with 1D in Psi may choose one Psi skill.  Additional skills may be added for each new pip in Psi the character achieves.  Individual Psi powers may be improved as normal or Advanced skills (2x normal cost).

Unlike other Attributes, Psi costs 3x the current Attribute Rating to improve.

Below is a list of some of the more common Psi Power, sometimes referred to as Psionics.  More ideas for psionic powers may be taken from WEG's Star Wars or Metabarons books.  There are also other D6 resources on the web with lists of psionics and magical powers that might be useful.

Design note:  GM's and players may find it easier to simply import WEG's Star Wars rules for Force powers rather than use the Psionic system below.  In that case, the Psionic would have three "psi-attributes": Control, Alter and Sense.  See WEG's Star Wars books for more information.  I believe Metabarons uses a very similar system, but I have not read it.

Psionic name:  Aside from just the name, the Psionic power may be designated as (A)dvanced.  Advanced power usually require prerequisites and are twice as expensive to advance in. 
Prerequisites:  Any powers or skills and their levels that must be attained before the power in question may be taken.
Time of Use:  Amount of time that passes while the character attempts the power (regardless of whether or not it is successful).  This can be highly variable and depends on the GM's discretion.  An action that takes 1 round means that it is the only power the character can attempt in that round.  An action that takes "1 action" can be attempted in conjunction with as many other actions as the character can perform in one round.  Other attempts may take anywhere from a minute to days (Foresight, for example).  Difficulty numbers may vary depending on time spent as well.
Duration:  the length of time the power will remain in effect.  Some powers may be "kept up" if the Psionic concentrates on them each round.  To keep a power "up" costs 1 action per round (thus all other actions are at -1D that round).  If the character is distracted or harmed, she must make a Moderate Willpower roll (at -1D for the "up" power) to maintain her concentration or the power will deactivate.
Difficulty:  This gives an approximate Difficulty level to successfully use the power.  GM's should vary this depening on the situation:  including stress, any psionic enhancment tools, amount of time dedicated to the task, familiarity with the situation and other factors.
Description:  A (hopefully) brief description of what the power does includes and other notes.


Cloaking (A)
Time of Use: 1 round.
Difficulty: Depends on the "completeness" of the Cloak (see below).
Duration:  For every minute the character is cloaked, she must make an Easy Endurance roll.  If she fails the roll, she is exhausted and loses the Cloak.  She will be -1D to all actions until she rests for 10 minutes.  This power must be kept up to extend beyond one round.
     A Psionic may attempt to hide herself from detection in a variety of ways.  Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own Difficulty Level.  Humans and Protoss have managed to design some devices that enhance an individual's cloaking ability.  Some of the most common ways are given below:

Cloak Type
Diffusion Easy (10) Creates a static field  around the target about 5m in radius.  This field disrupts any technological or psionic method used to track the target (they will point towards the diffused "sphere").  Furthermore, it adds 10 to any other Tracking attempts (such as by scent).  It has no affect on visual observations however.
Shadows Difficult (20) Covers the target in a  psionic shroud of shadow, permitting the target to hide in available shadows--even in daylight.  This adds +3D to Stealth attempts during the day and +5D at night.  Note, this spell does not affect sounds or scents from the target. 
Invisibility Extremely Difficult (30) Renders the target completely invisible to visual detection by normal humans (or those with equivalent eyesight).  The target and his personal belongings will be invisible, but will still be detectable by touch, scent and sound.

Time of Use: 1 action.  Concentration may only be used once per minute (1 per 10 rounds).
Difficulty: Easy (10).  May be increased if the Psionic is agitated.
Duration: 1 action.
     The Psionic can focus his mental energies and release them into one single action in the same round as the Concentration attempt.  If successful, the Psionic may add 4D to that action.

Control Pains
Time of Use: 1 action.
Difficulty: Very Easy (5) to reduce Pain Effects by 1D.  For every Effect Value, the Psionic may reduce Pain Effects by an additional 1D.
Duration: 1 minute.  This power may be kept up.
     The Psionic may control pains suffered from injuries (including drugs and stun effects), reducing their penalties by 1D according the Difficulty achieved (see above).

Emotion Control
Time of Use: 1 round.
Duration:  5 minutes +1 minute for every 5 over the Difficulty; may be negated by a successful Willpower check or certain negating psionics.
Description:  Grants the ability to manipulate the emotional state of a target or targets.  The Difficulty increases with the intensity of the emotions and the Willpower checks of any unwilling targets.

Easy (10) Induces a moderate mood shift in any direction desired by the Psionic.
Moderate (15) Forces the target into the mood of the Psionic's desire. The target will attempt to act on the impulses of her mood unless she makes an Easy Willpower check (may make one each minute).
Difficult (20) Completely possesses the target's emotional control.  During the duration, the caster may change the target's emotions at will, making them as mild or fierce as desired.  The Target may attempt to resist with a Willpower check of Moderate once per minute.
Each additional 5 Spreads the effect of the Difficulty out an additional 10 meters from the point of casting, expanding the Psionic's sphere of influence.

Enhance Physical Attribute
Time to Use: 1 action.
Difficulty:  Very Easy (5) to raise an Attribute 1D.  For each Effect Value (10 over Base Difficulty), increase the Attribute by another 1D.
     With this power, the Psionic can use his mental energies to augment his physical body.  Strength, Dexterity or Constitution may be temporarily increased by a value determined by the quality of the Psionic's attempt (see Difficulty above).  The effect will last for 2D6 rounds, not long, but long enough to perform superhuman feats in times of need.  Each Attribute may be Enhanced at the same time, but the affects to a single Attribute cannot be cumulative (thus if the Psionic attempts to Enhance his Strength when it is already Enhanced, the new result will replace the first).

Enhance Mental Attribute
Time to Use: 1 action.
Difficulty:  Very Easy (5) to raise an Attribute by 2D.  For each Effect Value (10 over Base Difficulty) increase the Attribute another 1D.
      Using this ability, the Psionic focuses his psi-energy to charge his other mental faculties to above-normal performance.  Knowledge, Instincts or Presence may be augmented for up to 1D6 minutes.  Each Attribute may be Enhanced at the same time, but the affects to a single Attribute cannot be cumulative (thus if the Psionic attempts to Enhance his Knowledge when it is already Enhanced, the new result will replace the first).

Time of Use:  2D6 minutes.
Duration:  Can foresee one "event" or get a general impression of a furture occurrence.
Description:  This represents a somewhat limited ability to see the future ("Always in motion is the future").  The Difficulty Number selected will depend on the specificity sought and the distance over time before the event will occur.

Moderate (15) The character may foresee vague impressions from the future, with a few tantalizing details ("A horder of Zerg...a horizon with a lone tree atop a hill...blood...blood!")
Difficult (20) The character might predict specific events of general concern (it will rain next week) or vague notions regarding a particular person ("Kerrigan...has a future full of darkness and violence...but greatness and redemption may be hers").
Very Difficult (25) Here, the character may learn some very specific information about a particular person ("Tassadar will die a heroic death to save his people from the Zerg").  However, remember that the future is always fluid, and images taken from it should never be considered certain.

Time to Use: 1D6 rounds.  May only be attempted once per day on a given patient.
Difficulty:  As for Medicine Attempts, depending on the condition of the patient.  May also be increased for alien species.
     With Healing, the Psionic seeks to enhance the natural healing powers of an organism.  Bones may be set, wounds closed, diseases cured, all with nothing more than a thought.  Psionics require no additional equipment or preparation, other than concentrating while standing over the patient being treated.
     When a Psionic heals another, he must endure searing pain and risk injuring to himself.  He will take 1D +1D per Wound Level healed.  He may make a Resistance Roll to reduce the damage.  Any excess wounding damage is subtracted from the Psionic's Hit Points until he heals.  Psionics may attempt to heal themselves, but do so at -1D (but they do not suffer the wound feedback).

Time of Use: 2D6 minutes.
Duration:  Will see one "event" or "scene" attached to a given place, object or person.
Description:  With this spell, the Psionic may seek to read the past of a person, object or place by touching it and concentrating.  The character will "experience" images in her mind.  The clarity of the experience increases with great success of the attempt. A minimal success may leave the Psionic with a vague impression of what occurred, while a fine success will be like she was actually there in the room when the event occurred.
Difficulty:  Easy (10) for events within 24 hours.  Moderate (15) for events within 1 week.  Difficult (20) for events within 1 year.  Very Difficult (25) for events within 10 years.  Heroic (50) for events within the past few thousand years.

Time of Use: 1D6 minutes of listening to the new language.
Difficulty: Very Easy (5) for relatively simple or familiar languages.  Difficulty increases with the complexity of the language and the degree of communication desired.
Duration:  10 minutes + 10 minutes per Effect Value. This skill may be kept up.
    Some Psi-talents can activate the portions of their brains that handle language skills and enhance them to quickly process new languages.  This acts as a translator talent, permiting the Psionic to understand and speak foreign or alien languages as if they were his native tongue.  The character can also understand the written form of the language if a Moderate check is made.  When the skill's duration runs out the Psionic forgets anything he knew of the language.

Time of Use: 1 round.
Difficulty: Easy (10).  Difficulty may be increased if target electronics are specially protected somehow.
Duration:  1 round +1 round per Effect Value.  This power may be kept up, but the Psionic must make a Moderate power check each round.
Range:  All electronics within a 2 meters sphere, as long as the focal point is within 10 meters of the Psionic.  Increase the Difficulty by 5 for each additional 5 meters affected by the power and/or increased distance from the Psionic.  Note that Lockdown rounds have a much more focused effect, on a single target but at a much greater distance.
    Terran psi-researchers have discovered that some psionics can focus on electronic devices and cause them to freeze up for short periods of time.  Most psionics have only enough power to affect simple, unshield electronics such as calculators or light bulbs.  But the Terrans have developed a special form of ammunition, referred to as "Lockdown rounds," that absorb and focus a Psionic's Lockdown energies.  When fired at an enemy target, the Lockdown rounds will immobilize the target's electronics for a short period of time.
     Some Terran Psionics may be able to develop Lockdown sufficiently to use it without Lockdown rounds, but their Neural Inhibitors prevent them from getting more than 3D in the skill.

Magnify Senses
Time of Use: 1D6 rounds to activate.
Difficulty: Very Easy (5).
Duration:  5 minutes + 5 minutes per Effect Value.  This power may be kept up.
    The Psionic can increase his physical senses beyond their normal range.  She can see small things or objects far in the distance, hear outside the normal spectrum, feel even the slightest bumps or changes in temperature.  Add the Magnify Senses Skills to the character's Instincts Attribute +1D per Effect Value.

Mind Control (A)
Time of Use: 3 rounds to activate.
Difficulty: Moderate or Targets Opposing Willpower attempt (whichever is higher).  If the target is forced to do something contrary to his nature or personal objectives, he may make another Willpower roll to break free of the Control.
Duration:  5 minutes + 5 minutes per Effect Value.  Target must remain in the line of sight of the Psionic.  Targets may make a Difficult Willpower check once per minute in an attempt to break free.  This power is considered to be kept up while the target is being controlled.
    This powerful discipline grants the user the ability to invade and possess the mind of another sentient being.  The target will obey the telepathic commands of the controller, resisting only the most contrary or dangerous orders (see Difficulty) above.
     Mind Control is an exhausting endeavor.  The Controller must make an Easy Endurance Check each minute in order to avoid becoming too taxed to maintain the control.

Time to Use: 1 action.
Difficulty: Very Easy (5) to activate a blade.
     Psi-Blade technology has been developed by the Protoss and remains unknown to other species.  With it, the Protoss can channel psionic energy through Khaydarin crystals into focused beams of power.  The Protoss may do damage equal to their Psi-Blade Skill Rating.  Combat attempts are controlled by the user's Melee Weapon: Psi-Blade Skill (under Dexterity).

Time to Use: 1 action.
Difficulty: Very Easy (5) to charge a bolt.
     Protoss technology has developed a variety of ways to focus psionic energy into missile weapons.  Psi-Bolts represents a character ability to focus on a psionic firearm or bow and charge its missiles with sufficient psi-energy to do damage.  The weapon will concentrate the energy somewhat, but does damage largely dependent on the user's Psi-Bolt Skill Rating.

Psionic Piloting
Time to Use: 1 action.
Difficulty:  Moderate (15).  May be increased for particular actions.
     Many Protoss vehicles and ships may only be piloted by those trained in using their minds alone to control the craft.  These elite pilots often have faster reaction times than those that must depend upon physical controls to conduct their machines.  Some pilots wear amplifier helmets and suits to better interface with their machines.

Sense Lifeform
Time to Use: 1 round.
Difficulty:  Easy (10).  May be increased if the user is looking for a particular kind of lifeform, or the lifeform is so alien it is difficult to recognize as such.
Duration:  1 round.  May be kept up to "scan" an area for lifeforms.
     The Psionic can reach out with her mind and skim over the living organisms within range of her power.  When a living being is found, the Psionic focuses on it momentarily, only long enough to establish that it is in fact living and whether it is sentient or not.  The Psionic will know the speed and direction in which the lifeform moves and perhaps its species (if it has encountered them before).  Rarely will she be able to tell individuals or other details.
     Most modern cloaking technology will disrupt the Psionic's ability to detect the approachign lifeform.  The Difficulty increases to Very Difficult in such cases.

Shield (A)
Time to Use: 1 action to raise the shield.
Difficulty:  Easy (10).  Increases by 5 for each additional 5 meters the Shield is expanded.
Duration:  1 round.  This power may be kept up.
     A few Psionics have learned how to generate powerful shields for themselves without the use of artificial shield generators.  With this ability, the user can erect a protective bubble around themselves that will absorb damage up to a value equal to the Psionic's Shield roll x 5 (for example, the Psionic has 4D in Shield and rolls a 12.  The Shield will take 70 points of damage before the user will be injured).

Telekinesis (A)
Time to Use: 1 action to activate and perform a simple action.
Difficulty:  Very Easy (5) to Activate.  Final Difficulty depends on the weight of the object lifted and the complexity of the attempted manuever.  Objects may be moved by 10 meters per round.  Add 5 to the Difficulty for each additional 10 meters per round attempted.
Duration:  1 round.  This power may be kept up.

Difficulty Weight Complexity Range
+0 Less than 1 kg Simple up-down or side-to-side movement 1-3 meters
+5  1-10 kg Gentle movements 4-10 meters
+10 11-100 kg Easy manuevers 11-30 meters
+15 101-1000 kg Complex manuevers 31-100 meters
+20 1000-5000 kg Very Complex manuevers 101-200 meters
+25 5000-20,000 kg Intricate manuevers with multiple objects 201-500 meters
+30 20,000 kg - 50,000 kg 501-2000 meters
+40 50,000 - 100,000 kg 2.1-5 km

    Telekinsis permits the Psionic to lift and move objects with only a thought.  Once the object has been lifted, the character may hold it in place without additional rolls (the power is considered "up" as an action and the character suffers -1D to all other actions that round).  If the character attempts to do something new with the object, he must make an additional roll.  If the Psionic fails any controlling roll or the object is removed from his line of sight, the Psionic will drop it.
     Telekinesis may be used as an attack, either directly or to throw objects at a target.  When used directly, it acts as a crushing blow, doing damage equal to the Telekinesis Skill rating.  Objects dropped or thrown do damage depending on their weight: 1D for objects 1-5 kg; 2D for 5-15 kg; 3D for 15-50 kg; 4D for 50-100 kg; 5D for 100-500 kg; 6D for 500-1500 kg; 7D for 1500-10,000 kg; 8D for 10,000-20,000 kg.  Note, the target may get buried under a heavy object and be unable to move it!

Time to Use: 1 action to activate and give a simple communication.
Difficulty:  Very Easy (5) to activate and communicate with familiar people.  Difficulty increases for new people (+5), those who resist communication (+10), and alien species (+15).  The power also attenuates with range.  Add +5 for 100-1000 meters; +10 for 1 km-10 km; +15 for 10km-50 km; +20 for 50-100km.
Duration:  3 rounds of conversation with additional rolls.  After that, this power may be kept up.
     With Telepathy, a Psionic may project his thoughts into the mind of another and "hear" the other's thoughts as if there were holding a conversation.  The two beings must be able to understand the language being "thought."  Each participant will also receive a basic understanding of the other's emotional state (Moderate Willpower attempt required to hide it).
     Targets may resist receiving or transmitting thoughts by making a Willpower attempt in opposition to the Psionic's Telepathy roll.